Charging Columns

The Column charging stations are designed for commercial use. They allow charging in compliance with Mode 3 of IEC 61851 from 16A monophase up to 32A three-phase. Echarge Column charging stations are available as individual, self-contained, free-standing stations and as satellite systems with charging stations or wall stations.

Each Column charging station has two charging points and can thus serve two cars simultaneously, whereas Wall-mounted stations are designed with a single charging point. The charging process takes place entirely at the charging point, without the consumer having to go to the central connector station to initiate or complete the process. Suited to carparks, malls, service stations, public street charging, apartment building parking and other such public or semi-public uses.




  • Each charging column has two Type 2 charging points
  • It is designed with detailed, intelligent solutions with user-friendly handling
  • Automatic load sharing function 22kW x1 or 11kW x2
  • Intelligent load management on the Smart and Premium versions ­- GPRS modem (Smart) or RS485 Bus (Premium)
  • Solid Steel construction
  • Vehicles are not overcharged due to CP communication box
  • Attractive operating panel with integrated display, socket units and an RFID authorisation facility
  • Communication via Industry Standard OCPP protocols
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  • Complies with IEC 61851

  • Temperature controlled ventilation system

  • Heated charging socket (Below 3°)

  • Status information via text display

  • Load sharing software

  • Completely wired ready for mains and bus connection

  • RFID or push button options

  • All steel construction galvanised and powder coated

  • Communication via OCPP (Premium and Smart)

MENNEKES eMobility Gateway

Cost-effective, simple, practical: Via the MENNEKES eMobility gateway, up to 16 charging points can be networked from the MENNEKES premium product program and connected to an operator's backend. It can be mounted spatially distant from the charging points both inside and outside.

Get in touch with us today to find out how the MENNEKES Gateway can be used to manage your EV fleet.

Gateway diagram drawing-01.png